Martin Antonsson

Making your songs shine!
Mixing, mastering, editing and re-amping!

Services and portfolio

The goals you have with your music is my mission to fulfill!
Let's make your music rock!


Mixing and mastering

So you have recorded the music?! Now it's time to make it shine! You will send me the files, I will import it to the DAW and get cracking on creating the best sound for the song according to your vision of what you want to accomplish.

On to top it off with the final touch of mastering to get your tracks ready for launch!

Editing and re-amping

If there needs to be editing made on your recording (instruments, vocals or other) I will make them fit into the overall song

Did you not entierly get that sound you wanted or is there a need of getting something extra to the recorded DI's, then I will make the best sound I can possibly get out of software and hardware amps


Listen to what I have mixed and mastered! Both stock portfolio stuff and client based portfolio works

Mixed and mastered by Martin Antonsson
Crossley Hunter - Dialatory
We were sharks - Without you
Great Lakes - Change Yourself